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Create & Publish

Create your job description efficiently with the right layout and in different languages. Spread it to all job boards, social networks, partners, external recruiters and your own company career page in a couple of minutes. Enjoy spending your time where it really matters.


Screen your candidates by setting up your personalised questionairs . Efficiently with the right layout and in different languages. Filter your candidates in all question formats you wish. Determine wich conditions your candidates must meet. And screen them from your workflow.

Stearn - candidate screening

Stearn - graphs


Keep track of your candidates in our drag-and-drop recruitment workflow, built in an intuitive and visual way. Improve and automate your communication in only a few clicks. Keep track of all moments and type of communication with your candidates, this together with a full communication history. 



You wonder which channels are the most effective, how long it takes to recruit a special talent or what your current recruitment process cost is? Taleevo keeps track of everything. It provides you with all the reporting you need to optimise your recruitment workflow and run your HR efficiently . 

All the tools you need to fit your talent universe!

Taleevo is made for business: well-supported, safe, reliable, affordable and already integrated with all the third party tools you need to get the job done.


create jobs

Social Recruitment

Build a social career site on Facebook and canditdates can apply directly from your Facebook company page.


Calendar Integration

Calendar & Email integration

Compatible with Gmail, Outlook, Google apps.

Send meeting requests and shedule calls and on-site interviews. Works out of the box with any calendar application today.



Multi Posting

Multi Posting

Post jobs with one click to multiple free and premium job sites including StepStone, Jobat, Monster, VDAB, Facebook and many more.



Mobile friendly careersite

Simple application forms that look great on any device.


Reporting statistics- - ATS Stearn

Reporting statistics

View in real-time your recruitment statistics. You wonder which channels are the most effective, how long it takes to recruit a special talent?

Talent Pool - Stearn ATS

Talent Pool

All your talented candidates gathered at one place and ready for your company to select the elite few that match your needs.



Company branding

We love your brand 

Your brand is important to us. People immediately recognize your brand through your logo and colors. Taleevo helps you to customize your job offers so that they appear on our website with your own look and feel. We provide you with a custom made company job page where candidates can apply. These jobs can be linked on your company website.



Your Jobs on your websiteStearn-graph

Maintaining your company website takes a lot of time and resources. Taleevo will help you to put all your job openings on your company website and automatically send updates when a job is created, updated or closed. Your company webmaster can easily integrate our job feed into your website with the use of common technology.

Spend your time doing the hiring not managing the process

Add and track candidates from any sourceGraphics - Stearn


Build a flexible talent crmStearn-graph


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